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Photorealism: The Art of the Real

Why Merci Dupre loooves photorealism

Photorealism: The Art of the Real
Photorealism: The Art of the Real

Originating in the late 60’s and early 70’s, Photorealism is a style of art that strives to recreate the subject as realistically as possible. It can involve paintings, sculptures, or photography. I love photorealism because it challenges the traditional conventions of art and allows for an incredibly lifelike representation of a subject. Moreover, this type of art allows artists to pay attention to extremely minuscule details that might not be obvious at first glance – things like wrinkles in clothing or individual strands of hair.

It's nostalgic!!

Photorealism has become increasingly popular over the past few years, and part of the reason why it's so beloved is that it captures life with a level of realism not seen in other styles. The viewer almost feels as though they can walk into the painting or photograph – which creates an emotional connection between the work and its audience. Photorealism is also unique in its ability to capture a moment in time that will never be repeated again; something about those methods always retains a certain level of nostalgia for me.

Photorealism in Fashion?!

Furthermore, photorealism has become increasingly popular thanks to its use in fashion photography. Photographers have found ways to merge photorealistic paintings and photographs with fashion trends, creating truly stunning images that capture both worlds simultaneously. For example, many modern designer campaigns feature models posing against backdrops made up entirely of photorealistic artwork; these visuals are often able to transport viewers into another world while still remaining recognizable and relatable at the same time.

Photorealism is one out favorite types of art because it illuminates beauty in everyday moments through incredibly lifelike representations. We think what makes this style so special is that no two pieces are ever alike; every image brings with it a unique perspective and emotion that will never be recreated again – making each piece all the more special! Additionally, We love how photorealism has been incorporated into fashion photography as well as even on some fashion– allowing for beautiful visuals that bridge together two distinct worlds and create something absolutely stunning!

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