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Our 96-Hour Process

Welcome to Merci Dupre Clothiers, where we have revolutionized the process of crafting clothing with a delicate balance of creativity and genuine innovation. Our 96-hour solution process, inspired by Dr. Christina Rahm's groundbreaking "Super Skin Coating" Patent-Pending technology, is meticulously designed to bring you garments that are not only stylish but also environmentally and health conscious. 

Each article of clothing is meticulously infused with our unique Enviremware Solution.

Curious about our 96-hour process?
Let's dive in...


To create our solutions #1 and #2, we combine our exclusive blend of natural and organic-based ingredients, including minerals and renewable resources like bioavailable silica, with deionized water. This proprietary blend forms the foundation of our transformative process.

We first build the Foundation with our proprietary blend

Solution #1 undergoes a series of freezing, thawing, and boiling cycles to activate its unique properties. 

The solution is subjected to distinct methodologies for its activation.

Then, each individual garment is carefully dipped, utilizing heat, cold, and specialized equipment developed specifically for our process.

Garments are submerged with unique solutions.

Next, we spray each garment with solution #1, ensuring complete coverage, followed by a coating of solution #2.

Garments are then coated with special solutions for curation.
Screen Shot 2023-08-15 at 4.35.48 PM.png

The garments then go through a thorough drying and ironing process, reactivating solution #1 and transforming each piece into a powerful sustainable, health-transforming solution.

After heat reactivation, Garments are ready to be used! 

"What sets our process apart is its dedication to removing harmful environmental toxins from every garment. We prioritize sustainability and believe in creating clothing that not only looks good but also promotes a healthier planet and healthier you."
- Dr. Christina Rahm

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